USA is a beloved, indifferent neighbour to Canada

Vapaa Sana

Finland has always had a little troubled stand on Sweden. In Scandinavian co-operation we are officially friends, but otherwise rather sulking neighbours. It's a little alike between Canada and the United States.
At least the Canadians know where the Yankeeland is found, while not all the Americans know where Canada is.
We are the biggest trading partners to each other and thus the economic fluctuations affect a lot to which direction trailers are heading fully loaded. In the USA one gets an impression most of the stuff is made in China, here in Canada we notice how many products are actually made below the border.

We often see in the media how prime minister Harper meets president Obama at different contexts. In fact Harper doesn't have much to say to what Americans want.
In one case, however, Canada stands in the same line. Namely, Montreal and New York compete equally, which one is a bigger NHL viewership market.
Here in Toronto we have the Raptors and also half of the city are immigrants for whom hockey is not the biggest game on the earth.
Canada is proud of any musician or actor who have broken first into the US market and then to the world. In America however many regard them as their own stars.
For Example singers Anka, Murray, Twain, Cohen, Dion, Buble, Adams and Bieber are Canucks. Of Actors Reves, Carrey, Fox, Anderson, Shatner, Cattrall and Aykroyd hail from Canada.

Canadians are proud of their country and heritage and "we are no Americans" attitude prevails. Still many would be ready to move across the border for a good job and salary immediately if it was possible. Also, many seniors, or "snowbirds", spend their winters in the states with warm climates.
Our favorite travel destinations are New York, Florida, LA, Hawai'i, Gran Canyon or Yellowstone - just like for any other tourists. Of the Americans - those who know where Canada is found - many consider this land too cold, even in the summer.
Actually, when you cross the border, not many things change. The same fast food places, same car brands, same music fill the air. One big difference is that here miles change into kilometres, because of the decimal system.
Except for in grocery stores, where they still sell everything in pounds (454 kg), because the price sounds lower than when selling it in kilos.

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