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Finland's gone through many phases in their presidential elections

Vapaa Sana



The attendance in Finland’s presidential elections advance voting was surprisingly high both in Toronto and Canada. This indicates that the politics of our homeland still mean a lot to the immigrant Finns and they want to participate in things over the pond.

An interest in Finnish affairs has been on the rise during the recent elections. There are plenty of reasons for this. First, the internet has made our world smaller and it’s easier to…


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Fabulous full moon causes restlessness and insomnia

The full moon shining in the sky in one of those wonders that goes unnoticed by nobody. It's staring us like an eye of Cyclop. It causes a tide phenomenon, but does it also induce lunacy as they claim?

When the full moon is on the sun and moon are on the opposite sides of the earth and the…


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China emerging into an economic powerhouse while the west is declining

Vapaa Sana



Even though this year there won’t be a big economic shift, it’s only a matter of years before China will rise to be the biggest economic power in the world.

The United States has been an undeniable economic leader during the past hundred years. For instance Wall Street has been the most important trendsetter in the world economy and the global trade has been measured in the name of omnipotent US-dollars.

China, however, has a huge…


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New record in presidential elections: 582 votes were polled

Finland's presidential elections' first round attracted 582 Finnish citizens who polled their votes all over Canada. This is a new record for Finnish Canadian voters.

During the first round of the last presidential elections in 2006 only 336 voted so this year there were 246 more voters.



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USA is a beloved, indifferent neighbour to Canada

Vapaa Sana



Finland has always had a little troubled stand on Sweden. In Scandinavian co-operation we are officially friends, but otherwise rather sulking neighbours. It's a little alike between Canada and the United States.

At least the Canadians know where the Yankeeland is found, while not all the Americans know where Canada is.

We are the biggest trading partners to each other and thus the economic fluctuations affect a lot to which…


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Andrea Hansen – Canada’s National Treasure

Andrea Hansen joined local filmmaker Pirkko Karvonen for a performance at Athabasca University in Northern Alberta on November 7, 2011; part of an ongoing series put on by Science Outreach. Hansen performed for the crowd, and Karvonen showed a documentary about the violinist.

The film…


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Multicultural heritage turned into a career

Sami writer Nils Aslak Valkeapää once wrote that “The home is where the heart is; it travels with me”. This statement is very true in the life of Lisa Jokivirta, 28.

– My mom always says that I was born to be a bit of a nomad. Who knows? But it’s definitely when I’m on the move that I feel at my very…


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Santa Claus can mask from the taxman too in Finland

All the Christmas shoppers have seen Santa Clauses in the Malls and big warehouses. They yell their ho-ho-hoes, deliver candies and invite children to sit on their laps. In America, that is.

But the kids never see live Santa Clauses on Christmas nights, because they sneak in the wee hours…


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The Clan is back!

Nearly 20 year old folk metal band Korpiklaani started their third North American tour from Montreal. Vapaa Sana met them in Toronto.

Base player Jarkko Aaltonen and singer Jonne Järvelä are sitting in the tour bus, drinking beer and getting ready for the gig that is about to begin in a couple of…


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Discovering Sibelius through the ears of an expert

Classical music specialist Rick Phillips presented a seminar on Sibelius focusing on his Violin concerto and the Tempest. Seminar was a third one Phillips has done for CFF.

Music writer, musical tour guide, concert host and former CBC classical radio host is accustomed lecturer on several composers.…


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Singer-songwriter Laura Repo goes back to her roots

“A three inch stack of photographs, think I should put ´em back, but I feel the old life creeping fast...”

Laura Repo´s new album is made of old photographs and ambient memories.

According to well known torontonian bluegrass and country singer Laura Repo that music genre is doing well in…


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Olympic medalist is coaching in the Florida sun now

Rough looking Osmo “Osku” Kanerva is one of the icons of the Finnish community in Florida. Despite not necessarily famous for the public, Kanerva is one of the biggest names in Finnish boxing. Olympic bronze from Tokio and a long international career without knock-out defeats tell their own story of the…


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Books show Finland through the eyes of two Canadians

Canadians Michael Child and André Noël Chaker have both recently published a book where they present Finland as they see it. The first through the eyes of a teacher and a family man, the other as a business man looking for success.

Michael Child is a Canadian who has lived in Finland since…


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Splatter gone bad

Self-taught film director Teemu Nikki faced his abashment and turned

his ruined effort of making a big time movie into an enlightening


– I grew up in the countryside, basically in the forest, and there was

not that much to do. When my family got a VCR player my… Continue

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Woman power in a new comedy series

A young woman is full of excitement and enthusiasm. Last weeks have been busy with meetings and organizing. Still she is full of positive energy. The hard work that started in the beginning of the year will culminate in the coming weekend at the launch party of a new comedy series named…


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From the Rockies to Montreal by canoe -Mike Ranta paddled 5417km in one go

The strips on water route from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta to Montreal are well known and well traveled both by Native voyageurs in the past and recreational canoeists of today.

However, Mike Ranta is the first person to ever travel the entire route of 5400km by himself. In a few months his… Continue

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"Here, I am free"

Ellen Lehtelä has inhabited alone a small cottage in the middle of the woods for 26 years now.

The forest on the outskirts of Greater Sudbury area is quiet. The road ahead is branching in two, in paved and unpaved, resembling the letter Y.

– So were we supposed to turn to the paved or… Continue

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In search of eternal youth -Tanja Taivassalo is studying muscular aging with unusual top athletes

It is thanks to a sporty lifestyle, and especially her hobby of running inspired by her father, that Tanja Taivassalo is now a professor in kinesiology at the highly-ranked McGill University in Montreal.

Tanja Taivassalo works at the department of kinesiology; a place of diverse research on… Continue

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Paula Tiitta found boost in gymnastic career in Mississauga

For some people it´s easy to find a right kind of sport. When Paula Tiitta was young she used to climb wherever she could and do cartwheels in their small livingroom. So, mom took her to the gymnasium club and she never looked back.

Now, ten years later, she already has a few medals from the Finnish… Continue

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Gym hall changed into circus arena for a Finnish athlete

– I could not be happier with my working life than what I am now. I make my living from something I have always loved to do, and I get to do it with very special friends. This has to be the best workplace in the world!

Sincere excitement and love for the profession of a circus artist radiate from Finnish… Continue

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